Arjun is a is a third generation main battle tank developed by DRDO. The Arjun features a 120 mm main rifled gun with indigenously developed APFSDS ammunition, one 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, and a 12.7 mm machine gun. It is powered by a single MTU multi-fuel diesel engine rated at 1,400 hp, and can achieve a maximum speed of 70 km/h (43 mph) and a cross-country speed of 40 km/h (25 mph). It has a four-man crew: commander, gunner, loader and driver. Automatic fire detection and suppression, and NBC protection systems are included. 

 The Mine Protected Vehicle India (MPVI)

The MPVI combines excellent ballistic and mine protection.  Its armor blocks a range of bullets (.62 mm x 51 NATO ball, 7.62 mm x 39 AK-47 ball, and 5.56 mm INSAS lead core MV 925m/sec) from up to 45 degrees from the top and up to 90 degrees from the sides at a distance of 10m.  It can withstand 21kg of TNT under the center of any wheel and 14kg under the crew compartment, and its V-shaped, steel monocoque hull directs the force of the blast away from the occupants. The MPVI is built for anti-terrorist and anti-Naxal operations.

 DRDO Daksh

DRDO Daksh is not a military tank but a robot used to disarm bombs!  It can climb staircases, negotiate steep slopes, navigate narrow corridors and tow vehicles to reach hazardous materials. Using its robotized arm, it can lift a suspect object and scan it using its portable X-Ray device. If the object is a bomb, Daksh can defuse it with its water jet disrupter. It has a shotgun, which can break open locked doors, and it can scan cars for explosives. With a master control station (MCS), it can be remotely controlled over a range of 500 m in line of sight or within buildings.

 T-72 MW FP

Tarmour AFV is armoured military personnel carrier that is based on the T-55 tank.

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