Ali Fazal — who recently made news for bagging a cameo in the Hollywood movie Fast and Furious 7 — is currently looking forward to the release of his next in B-Town, Vibhu Agarwal's 'Baat Bann Gayi', directed by Shuja Ali. 

The actor plays a double role in the film — Kabir, a sophisticated novelist from Singapore, and Rasiya Bihari, a street smart guy from North India. "Both Kabir and Rasiya are in love with Rachna, played by Anisa Butt. Kabir has to please her family in order to win her hand in marriage, while Bihari desires her too but ends up being used by Gulshan Grover's wife Sulochana, played by Amrita Raichand, to do household chores," he reveals. 

Ali admits that playing the double role was a challenge, more so because he has never been exposed to rural life in reality. What helped, he says, is the fact that the characters are based on the director's past experiences. "While living in Lucknow, he was exposed to both — an elite crowd as well as rowdy taporis. I guess both these personalities are within him and that helped me translate them better on screen," he adds. 

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